Float Flying in Hawaii

Your www.wecanfly.com reporter found a chance to hitch a ride on a CFI instructional flight with Island Seaplanes of Honolulu. Our goal is to perform some air work then practice touch and goes in Kaneohe Bay, Windward Oahu. Welcome Aboard!

With Kona Winds blowing, we took a West Loch Three Departure and passed over Ford Island. That's the Missouri to the left of the Arizona Memorial.


You're not getting me on that hiking trail without a parachute! (Koolau Mountains of Oahu)


Kaneohe Yacht Club

On short final to Kaneone Bay. Notice how well the moored sailboats point out the prevailing winds.

Coconut Island in Kaneohe Bay. Decades ago, the TV show Gilligan's Island was shot here.

Kaneohe Bay, looking northward towards Chinaman's Hat.

Lanikai Beach

Paragliders enjoying a light northerly breeze near Waimanalo

Hanauma Bay with Hawaii Kai in the background

Pat Magie of Island Seaplanes in the left seat with CFI student Mike Hudgins flying from the right seat.


Mike Hudgins on left with photographer Peter Forman on right. The plane is a Cessna 206.

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